Ms. Coco Blu

Born Corrina Llopart, she grew up all over the Southwest and Northeast, taking a stab at other forms of entertainment, mainly modeling, but could never truly commit to the lifestyle.

At age 23, Coco Blu finally landed herself in the heart of Taos, NM where small town local modeling skyrocketed. “It’s a fun hobby, and I do enjoy modeling. I just don’t want to make it a full time gig ” says Coco.

The one passion that Coco could never get over was dancing. As an untrained dancer, the odds of making a full time gig of that was out of the question. But, like many, Coco Blu had a desire to express movement on stage. After living in NM for a year she stumbled upon a local burlesque class, and it was love at first movement. Two very short years later, Coco Blu had climbed to top of the burlesque chain in this small mountain town, and has now reached out to other communities, even other states.

After about the first year of training, in 2014, Coco became the booking agent and Co-Founder of a local burlesque troupe called The Unstrung Pearls, and up the ladder she continued.

She is the sole founder of her new project, Coco’s Hen House of Burlesque, which is not just a dance troupe, but a traveling burlesque school as well. Coco Blu’s first burlesque workshop took place in Durango, CO, partnering with the IAM Music Institute. Ms. Coco Blu has also worked closely with multiple artists, such as Hello Dollface (out of Durango), Society Burning, Vanilla Pop, Foundation, Teatro Serpiente, KNCE 93.5, and Kiki Love Productions, all Taos based artists.